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We are a Montreal-based firm specialized in Workplace Wellness Services. All of our services are bilingual and available via webinar.



Teleworking & Team Building

Promoting healthy teleworking habits and maintaining team cohesion despite isolation

Development & Fulfillment

Ensuring the professional and personal fulfillment and development of your workforce

Human Capital & Skills

Developing the practical knowledge and professional skills of your workforce

Culture & Initiatives

Supporting key resource persons in the creation and implementation of initiatives to build a thriving corporate culture

Wellbeing & Health

Improving the physical & psychological health and well-being of your workforce

Management & Leadership

Helping management refine their leadership skills and adapt their approach in an ever-changing workplace




Are you running out of ideas to improve the wellbeing and morale of your employees, or are you just way too busy to organize and manage everything on your own?


No worries! We can help you turn all your ideas into action and take care of every step: implementation, organization & management of activities. We will save you time and money!

Corporate wellness initiatives and activities : Implementation, organization & management


More than 250 topics to improve the physical and mental well-being of your employees, but also to ensure their development and fulfillment, both at work and in their personal life.


Work-life balance, stress and uncertainty management, motivation, nutrition, work ergonomics, time management, human capital, team building, employee recognition, and more!

Conferences, workshops and 

training : Health, wellness, human capital & development 


Physical activity & relaxation classes for teleworking employees 

Ideal for taking a healthy break with colleagues, maintaining team cohesion despite isolation and restoring enthusiasm and energy! Our classes are tailored for teleworking and will appeal to everyone. 

Choose your style and intensity: Posture and stretching exercises, yoga, meditation, express cardio, tabata, pilates, breathing techniques, etc.


There is an expert for each domain! That's why our multidisciplinary team of over 45 experts and professionals are here to help you achieve your goals and those of the business.

We can help you improve teamwork and performance, promote mental health at work, develop your leadership skills, improve employee recognition/feedback, and more!

Consulting & coaching services for key ressource persons and managers





| Speaker

| Author

| Adventurer  

Adapting to change

𐩑 Resilience 𐩑 Mental strength

𐩑 Loneliness and isolation

𐩑 Motivation 𐩑 Overcoming challenges and uncertainties



 | Workplace mental health expert

| Communications consultant 

| Journalist | Author

Creating a mentally healthy workplace 𐩑 Mental health at work plan of action 𐩑 Helping a colleague in need 𐩑 Fighting mental health stigma 𐩑 Self-detection/self-care

Delee Fromm

M.A., LL.B., LL.M.

| Psychologist | Lawyer

| Individual and organizational development consultant

Conflict management 𐩑 Inclusion and diversity 𐩑 Negotiation

𐩑 Unconscious bias 𐩑 Collaborative mindset 𐩑 Inclusive leadership

𐩑 Women's advancement  




Our services are quick and easy to implement

 Suitable for all budgets

Access to a variety of services all in one place

Professional turnkey services 

Tailored services leading to concrete results

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I had the chance to work with The Profit Club in organizing Bell Mental Health Week


My experience was remarkable, Émilie is a gem. The speakers she presented to us were amazing. She took care of doing all the follow-ups, as well as making sure I was satisfied with the content.


All the stress usually associated with this type of organization was suddenly nonexistent on my end: a breath of fresh air. In addition, the satisfaction rate from participants in the events was 98%. I will do business with The Profit Club again!

Julie Courtemanche
Workplace Health Consultant, Bell Canada

In the past, we did business with several suppliers for our different needs in training and activities for employees and executives.


It's so much easier now because we have access to a variety of services and experts in one place. It makes our life easier and saves us time ... and money.


It is a real charm to work with this team as they are all very pleasant to deal with, competent, efficient and professional!


We highly recommend them!

Fabio Zeppilli

Co-founder and COO

Bad Monkey Popcorn