| Speaker

| Author

| Adventurer  

Adapting to change

𐩑 Resilience 𐩑 Mental strength

𐩑 Loneliness and isolation

𐩑 Motivation 𐩑 Overcoming challenges and uncertainties



 | Workplace mental health expert

| Communications consultant 

| Journalist | Author

Creating a mentally healthy workplace 𐩑 Mental health at work plan of action 𐩑 Helping a colleague in need 𐩑 Fighting mental health stigma 𐩑 Self-detection/self-care

Delee Fromm

M.A., LL.B., LL.M.

| Psychologist | Lawyer

| Individual and organizational development consultant

Conflict management 𐩑 Inclusion and diversity 𐩑 Negotiation

𐩑 Unconscious bias 𐩑 Collaborative mindset 𐩑 Inclusive leadership

𐩑 Women's advancement  

Louise Marie

Primeau, M.Ed.

| Training consultant | Employee wellness & development

consultant | Trainer

Maximizing employees wellness and experience 𐩑 Optimizing professional & personal development of employees 

𐩑  Developing training programs

Carl Brouillette

MSc, BSc, erg.

| Workplace mental health

consultant | Trainer

| Occupational therapist

Recognizing warning signs of mental illness 𐩑 Analysis if the environmental factors affecting the employees mental health 

𐩑 Mental health awareness


Ouellette, M.Ps.

 | Organizational psychologist

| Executive coach | Speaker

| Sport psychologist

Maximizing emotional intelligence in the workplace 𐩑 Stress and resilience 𐩑 Building a performing team 𐩑 Learning Leadership

𐩑 Team coaching

Emilie Lavoie

Primeau, LL.B.

| Corporate wellness 

consultant | Lawyer

| Entrepreneur

Developing and managing corporate wellness initiatives, 

activities and plans of action 

𐩑 Strategies to insure a physically and mentally healthy workplace 



| Business manager

| Human capital trainer

| Speaker 

𐩑 Conduct effective meetings

𐩑 Time management 𐩑 Stimulating memory 𐩑 Mind mapping

​𐩑 Excelling in customer service 

𐩑  Task delegation


Bouchard, Ph.D.

| Psychologist | Canada research 

chair in clinical cyberpsychology

| Teacher | Speaker

Understanding and overcoming anxiety, worries and stress with practical tools 𐩑 Improving health and quality of life 𐩑 Understanding and improving thought patterns 


Mercier, Ph.D.

| Mindfulness meditation

teacher | Speaker

| Trainer

Integrating mindfulness in the workplace 𐩑 Emotions, thoughts & stress management via mindfulness 𐩑 Mindfulness meditation and its benefits


Bouchard, ASC

| Management consultant

| Executive coach

| Trainer

 Adapting management practices in teleworking / remote management 𐩑 Trust and collaboration within the team

𐩑 Organizational development 


Blondeau, M.Ps.

| Psychologist specialized in mental health and safety at work

Harmonious relationships at work and at home 𐩑 Enjoyment at work 𐩑 Customer relations and loyalty 𐩑 Stimulating motivation at work 



| Nutritionist

| Speaker

| Author

Mental/physical wellbeing through nutrition 𐩑 Eating well for fun and vitality 𐩑 Food shopping habits 

𐩑 Power and benefits of foods

𐩑 Myths and realities


Sapene, M.Sc.

 | Consultant in organizational

transformation and efficiency

| Speaker

Diversity and Inclusion 𐩑 People integration and effectiveness​ 

𐩑 Change management 𐩑 Team norms 𐩑 Strategic thinking

𐩑 Individual transformation

Ali El

Samra, M.Sc.

| Occupational therapist spcialized in mental health and safety at work | Trainer

Work ergonomics 𐩑 Posture/pain 𐩑 Promoting mental health at work 𐩑 Fatigue and burnout

𐩑 Achieving life balance in the different spheres of life


Dev, Pht.

| Physiotherapist specialized in mental health

| Trainer

Counteracting the adverse effects of the lockdown on pain, mental health and quality of life 𐩑 Anxiety, depression and stress 𐩑 Relieving discomfort and pain 



| Management consultant 

| Executive coach

| Communication expert

Strengthening team cohesion

𐩑 Building a shared vision

𐩑 Managing and motivating a team 𐩑 Increasing the involvement of employees in the company



| Leadership development consultant | Team performance facilitator

Positive work-from-home habits  𐩑 Building trusting workplace relationships 𐩑 Employee commitment 𐩑 Team performance

𐩑 Identifying your own barriers

Fabio Zeppilli

B.Sc., LL.B., J.D.

| Marketing and sales expert

| Consultant in business strategy

| Entrepreneur and investor

Branding, image and marketing

𐩑 Presenting yourself and your projects for optimal chances of success 𐩑 Sales and negotiation 

𐩑 Business development/growth



| Nutritionist

| Speaker 

| Entrepreneur 

Nutritional strategies for busy professionals 𐩑 Using foods to boost energy 𐩑 On-the-go health

𐩑 Understanding trends and diets to make good choices

David Léonard, M.Sc., DESS, CCPE

| Ergonomist | Trainer

| Occupational therapist

certified in kinesiology

 Work-from-home ergonomics, posture and comfort 𐩑 Taking charge of your health at home and at work 𐩑 Occupational health and security



| Consultant in business development, growth 

and management

Business development and management strategy 𐩑 Digital shift strategy 𐩑 Financing or financial structure/restructuring

𐩑 Information technology


Desbiens Dupont

| Physical rehabilitation therapist specialized in therapeutic training

| Posturologist

Improving your posture hygiene for a better quality of life 

 𐩑 Understanding posturology and its benefits 𐩑 Mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises 



| Oral communication and

public speaking trainer

| Massage therapist

Project presentation 𐩑 Breathing & self-massage techniques 𐩑 Active participation in meetings 𐩑 The art of expressing yourself and capturing the attention 



| Clinical nurse 

| Consultant in workplace health prevention

Physical and psychological health prevention/promotion strategies for the workplace

𐩑 Health screening and information for employees



| Motivation and positive

mindset coach

| Speaker

The power of attitude on goal achievement 𐩑 Winning strategies to increase motivation 𐩑 Better work-life balance and stress management for more success



| Professional and personal development consultant

| Trainer

 Team building and team work

𐩑 Workplace etiquette 𐩑 Social intelligence 𐩑 Communication in the workplace 𐩑 Self awareness 𐩑 Customer service



| Speaker

| Entrepreneur

| Fitness expert

Optimizing your health to boost energy and performance at work 𐩑 Physical, mental and emotional ways to thrive  

𐩑 Developing a wining mindset



| Consultant in business strategy

and business development

| Entrepreneur and investor

Applying entrepreneurial skills into the workplace 𐩑 Respect and authority in the workplace 𐩑 Sales and negotiation tactics 𐩑 Client management 𐩑 Financing 

David Spinner M.S.w., MBA

| Group dynamics and communication teacher and consultant | Speaker

Identifying the team’s vision, role, values, code of conduct and goals 𐩑 Selling and presenting to different types of people 𐩑 Team dynamics and performance



| Naturopath 

| Fitness expert

| Speaker | Author

Developing healthy habits to achieve optimal health and wellness 𐩑 Understanding the adverse effects of stress on your health



| Synergologist | Trainer

| Expert in body language in

the workplace

Use body language as a tool to better understand people and improve your relationships 𐩑 Learn to pick up on unspoken issues 

𐩑 Modify your own body language



| Consultant in emotional intelligence in the workplace

| Trainer

𐩑 Better manage emotions for more confidence and serenity  

𐩑 Interpersonal relationships and empathy 𐩑 Developing resilience to thrive during adversity 



| Certified Teacher in mindfulness-based

emotional intelligence at work

Enhancing individual/team performances using emotional intelligence 𐩑 Creating a mindful work environment for everyone's physical and mental wellbeing


Charlotte Mercille

Yoga | Meditation | Relaxation techniques | Stretching

exercises | Muscle relaxation

Natacha Burelle

Strength and endurance | Mobility exercises | Cardio boot camp

| High-intensity and intervals (HIIT)

Pascale Jean

Mindful physical activity

| Mindfulness meditation

| Circuit training | Tabata workout

Elizabeth Turcot

Express cardio | Circuit training

| Yoga at work | | Yoga fitness

| Posture exercises | Tabata

Eric Antonette

Posture and body alignment 

| Yoga | Breathing and relaxation techniques | Body awareness

Sophie Arzel

Pilates | Balance reinforcement

| Strength and endurance 

| Muscle reinforcement

Johanne Watts

Laughter yoga | Laughter exercises | Breathing techniques | Meditation

Catherine Dion

Zumba | Yoga | Mobility and flexibility exercises | Meditation

| Posture and breathing exercises

Michael Madigan

Boot camp | Endurance

| Circuit training | High-intensity and intervals (HIIT)

Myriam Mavros

Kickboxing | Boot camp (sweat) 

| Cardio express | Strength training | Intervals

Tina Kissavos

Balance and core exercises

 | Muscle reinforcement | Tabata

 | Endurance and strength